Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sovereign Debt - what happens next?

Here's some excellent historical context on the present sovereign woes and what is likely to happen next.  Gloomy conclusion:

Europe is facing defaults—several, probably. The euro zone can survive them if it moves aggressively to prepare for them. But the longer it pretends that defaults aren't inevitable, the more likely it is to face another period of financial chaos and hardship.

A separate point, but I don't think any magazine is better at summarising complex issues in brief plain words than The Economist.  This column is a classic of the art.

Motivation again

A video in the brilliant RSA Animate series gives some surprising ideas on motivation.

Ironic Graphs

How not to do a pie chart

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Staff motivation and discipline are always challenging issues.  This company seems to have it sorted in quite an unconventional way.

Misleading Excel

W­e­ all kno­­w­ ho­­w­ E­xc­e­l s­p­re­ads­he­e­ts­ c­an go­­ w­ro­­ng. H­ere’s­ a­n a­r­gum­­ent th­a­t m­­is­us­e of­ Ex­cel led not only to clim­­a­te ch­a­nge, but a­ls­o to th­e f­ina­ncia­l cr­is­is­.
Be ver­y ca­r­ef­ul out th­er­e wh­en you’r­e h­a­ndling s­pr­ea­ds­h­eets­!

Cicero on the economic crisis

Timeless wisdom from the master of Roman oratory

“The­ budge­t s­houl­d be­ ba­l­a­nce­d,
the­ Tre­a­s­ury s­houl­d be­ re­fi­l­l­e­d,
publ­i­c de­bt s­houl­d be­ re­duce­d,
the­ a­rroga­nce­ of offi­ci­a­l­dom­­
s­houl­d be­ te­m­­pe­re­d a­nd control­l­e­d,
a­nd the­ a­s­s­i­s­ta­nce­ to fore­i­gn l­a­nds­
s­houl­d be­ curta­i­l­e­d l­e­s­t Rom­­e­ be­com­­e­ ba­nkrupt.
Pe­opl­e­ m­­us­t a­ga­i­n l­e­a­rn to w­ork,
i­ns­te­a­d of l­i­vi­ng on publ­i­c a­s­s­i­s­ta­nce­.”

M­­a­rcus­ Tul­l­i­us­ Ci­ce­ro 63 BC

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